November 11, 2014

Wellington Quarry and WW1 Battle of Arras

Wellington Quarry and WW1 Battle of Arras

Entering the ancient quarry, at first it was almost impossible to imagine what it must have been like in April 2017, when 24,000 British soldiers prepared to emerge into the midst of enemy lines in what was to become one of most renowned surprise attacks during World War 1. Wellington Quarry (La Carrière Wellington) is housed in […]

November 3, 2014

My Top 10 Lake District views – of lakes

View of Haystacks from Buttermere, Lake District - image by Zoe Dawes

I’m often asked what is my favourite lake in the Lake District and I always find it difficult to say. Each stretch of water in this glorious part of the world, from northern Bassenthwaite Lake to the justifiably popular Windermere has its own appeal. Depending on the day, my mood and where I’ve been recently, […]

October 28, 2014

A perfect day out: Bamburgh Castle and Beach

A perfect day out: Bamburgh Castle and Beach

The ocean called a siren song as I wandered along the narrow path on a perfect English summer’s day. Then there it was, shushing onto the sand in gentle curls, vibrant blue reflecting the cerulean sky.  A crinkle of land floated on the horizon; the Farne Islands, home to a multitude of sea birds, including […]

October 19, 2014

The joy of swimming with sea lions in the Galapagos Islands

Sea lions on Gardner beach, Espanola, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador - image Zoe Dawes

A large sea lion galumphs his way across the sand, his nose pointing disdainfully to the sky, seemingly oblivious to the delighted visitors to his domain. Finning away from him, clad in wetsuit with snorkel and mask clamped firmly in place, I gaze down into cool, clear rippling water.  Vibrant blue and yellow fish zig-zag around jaggy […]

October 14, 2014

Africa’s Most Romantic Safaris

Africa’s Most Romantic Safaris

In this month’s article by the Luxury Safari Company, you will discover the magic ingredients that go to create the most romantic safaris, holidays and honeymoons in Africa. Start planning now! Africa and romance just go together, there is no getting away from it. Nothing can compare to being out in the bush with a […]

October 11, 2014

Top 10 things to see and do in St Kitts

Top 10 things to see and do in St Kitts

Oh yes, there are plenty of Caribbean islands with beautiful beaches, funky bars and top-class restaurants. But I suspect very few can match St Kitts for the diversity of activities and attractions in such a small area. Of course you can lie on a beach, swim in the translucent warm sea and find a luxury […]

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