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Become a Parisian during your trip to Paris

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When it comes to Paris, the most romantic city in the world, you probably want to know everything about it. No doubt you’d love to grasp the authenticity of its secrets, enjoying your trip through the eyes of Parisian people. We Own Paris (WOP app) travels with you to make you appreciate things fully, while experiencing a dash of Parisian daily life.

homepage we own paris WOP appMuch more than a simple mobile application, it is your personal interactive TravelMate to help you get away from the traditional flow of tourism. According to your mood and needs, WOP always gives you personal tips; restaurants, bakeries, art galleries, etc.  Thanks to its private transporting services, WOP will also help you discover unique attractions around Paris, vibrant capital of France.

Visiting Paris through Parisian eyes is a special experience. Two Parisian friends, passionate about their city and soul travellers, depict Paris, the one they really love, in all its charm. They’ve personally reviewed the best addresses and conjured up Paris as you have never seen it, immersing travellers in a unique journey: the perfect combination of tradition, culture, leisure and authentic vibes.

The WOP App gives you useful tips about daily Parisian life. On your arrival you receive goodies to use during your stay. Through an integrated e-boutique, you have the possibility to extend your Parisian experience while enjoying trustworthy French products, selected on the base of different themes such as gastronomy, fashion and wine. As a souvenir of your visit, WOP can send you a personal photobook with all the photos you took with your phone during your stay.

WOP shows you unknown places and perspectives in and around Paris, far from fixed schedules. Off the beaten track, beneath all of that, an incredible ambition is hidden: to help travellers get to know each other, creating a community of WOPers who will share activities and spend time together.

This post is in collaboration with CUDLINK, a young and dynamic company operating in the Tourism sector in France. Aware of this country’s attractiveness to tourists worldwide, CUDLINK aims at improving quality service offered to visitors. Parisians by birth and travellers in the soul, CUDLINK’s founders have created WOP to help tourists visit Paris as if they were living there.

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4 Responses to “Become a Parisian during your trip to Paris”

  1. From Zoe Dawes:

    This looks like a really useful travel guide, especially as it is created by locals. Sure creators will be interested in any feedback on how helpful you find it.

    Posted on August 1, 2015 at 12:21 pm #
  2. From John MacBeath:

    Looks like a useful app. Trouble is I don’t like using my phone abroad. Is there an offline option?

    Posted on August 12, 2015 at 11:31 am #
  3. From Zoe Dawes:

    Not sure about that John. Suggest you check direct with the creators of the App 🙂

    Posted on August 12, 2015 at 11:34 am #
  4. From Carol Jennings:

    We’re off to Paris for the 3rd time in the autumn so will have a look at this App and see if we can find some more unusual places to visit.

    Posted on August 19, 2015 at 2:15 pm #

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