Blossom in Britain in spring
Sizergh Castle in springtime - visit Britain in spring

Britain is spring is truly breathtaking. The whole country seems to explode into floral colour, there’s more daylight and the weather is not nearly as dreary as it was in winter. I love both springtime and autumn in the UK, though Britain in winter also holds its own special appeal. (I’m not such a fan of summer as it often disappoints weather-wise, everywhere that’s popular is very crowded but then again, if you know where to go far from the madding crowd, it can also be wonderful..) Anyway, back to Britain in spring, here are some really good reasons to visit at this time of year.

Britain in Spring

1. It’s a riot of blossom, buds and flowers

Bluebells - Britain in spring

Between the end of March and the beginning of June, Britain bursts into bloom, first with daffodils and crocus, hyacinths, primroses, then tulips and bluebells. The blossom brings heavy swags of delicate colour adorning every city, town, village and hamlet. Green and white apple blossom in orchards vies with damson blossom and pink cherry blossom.

Blossom in springtime in Britain

Rhododendrons and azalias add exotic colour to our parks and gardens as well as our stately homes. Trees pop out buds of every shade of green and the hedgerows are weighed down with hawthorn flowers. The countryside is heady with the fresh, vibrant scent of springtime …

2. The weather improves – honest!

Sizergh Castle on a sunny day in May - visit Britain in spring

British weather is notoriously changeable and there are no guarantees for good weather at any time of year, the wind softens its touch, the sun dusts off its best clothes and even the rain seems less wet than in winter.
You can really get all four seasons on one spring day, from snow or hail, rain and wind to sunshine and cloudless skies. Unlike summer, we don’t have the same hopes and expectations for hot, sunny days, so when they come along we are delighted and grateful.

3. The days get longer

Clocks go forward - Britain in spring

The clocks go forward towards the end of March and slowly but surely the days get longer. Longer days mean there’s more light to enjoy sitting outside at a friendly pub, or maybe go for a walk in the early eve or simply wake up earlier to make more of a day of sightseeing.

5. Easter holiday and spring festivals brighten up the season

Easter eggs, chocolate and flowers at  home with The Quirky Traveller

With the date being different each year, Easter can be anything from a feast of roast lamb and chocolate sheltering from March winds, to an al fresco buffet outside in Mediterrean temperatures. Whatever the weather, this holiday is celebrated throughout the country, with churches holding many special services, Easter Egg Hunts on every corner and enough chocolate consumed to fill Wembley Stadium 100 times over. The festival season starts off gently with Daffodil Shows and small musical gatherings but as the weather improves the bigger festivals get going and by the summer there everywhere.

5. Everyone’s in a good mood (well OK, not everyone, but a lot of people …

The Quirky Traveller

Happy, smiley faces – that’s what you see a lot more of in Britain in spring. We do have to put up with a lot of miserable weather and long, dark days in the winter and we love it when spring arrives. For the tourist trade, this is the beginning of a hopefully busy time and everyone is pleased to see visitors, the attractions have all been freshly painted, the hotels, B&Bs, guest houses and caravan parks have been refurbished, redecorated and temptingly titivated, purely for your enjoyment.

Oh, I forgot the best thing about spring – LAMBS!!!!

Lambs in a field - Britain in spring

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