A pedallo on Menorca

This photo brings back so many memories … My Dad bought a flat in Menorca in the 1980s and absolutely loved the island.  He was a passionate sailor and chose it because it has wind most of the year round.  It’s great for sailing though this does mean it doesn’t always have the all-round beautiful weather than nearby Majorca and Ibiza.  However, Menorca has more lovely beaches than both those islands put together and is perfect for families – and sailors.

For many years I have been taking my son out there on holiday to stay with my brother who moved there after Dad died – so we still enjoy its beauties and impressive sights.  This photo was taken in July when brother (on the left) and friends hired a pedallo and took Alex (see the hat!) out for a pedal round a quiet bay.  Happy days in marvellous Menorca …