Quirky Travel

QUIRKY TRAVEL is travelling with your eyes wide open, using all your senses to experience your surroundings in an inspiring, unique way. It means taking your time to explore what’s around you, enjoying the moment and appreciating things fully. It’s about the people, culture, heritage, customs, sights, sounds and feelings that a place evokes. It’s travel in mind, body AND spirit.

Thai figure at Chedi Mongkol in NE Thailand - Quirky Travel

‘One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.’ Henry Miller

It is NOT about fixed itineraries, schedules, facts and figures … Follow the principles of the SLOW MOVEMENT, enabling you to really relax and enjoy your journey, be it from your armchair, walking to the shops or climbing a mountain far away.

Prehistoric paintings on St Kitts - image Zoe Dawes

Prehistoric paintings on St Kitts Caribbean island

Quirky Travel helps you to unwind from the stresses of modern-day living and discover new places, people and perspectives.  You see things you thought were familiar from a new viewpoint,  experiencing travel at a pace that embraces your surroundings.  Quirky Travel is life-enhancing, energizing and, most important of all, enjoyable …

Chihuly Sun sculpture Montreal Canada - image Zoe Dawes

Chihuly ‘Sun’ sculpture Montreal, Canada

When you read a travel article here, I hope you will  be transported to another place and time, being able to see, hear and feel some of the most fascinating places in the UK and around the world.  Discover unusual places off the beaten track, visit historic sites, pop into a museum, try a new dish, amble along the shores of a lake, wander round charming villages and see it all from a new perspective … 

Maiden Tower dawn over the Bosphorus Istanbul - image Zoe Dawes

Dawn over the Bosphorus, Istanbul

 “Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe.” ~ Anatole France 

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