Relaxing with beauty treatment at Belissimo Salon in Kendal

In the fifth of the ‘Challenge Zoë’ activities for The Kendal Courier  I had an extremely indulgent pampering session at local Bellissimo Beauty Salon Here’s a version of the original article that appeared in the magazine.

Now you may be wondering quite how such an ‘adventure’ could possibly come under the title Challenge Zoë.  Well, let’s just say I find it very difficult to justify spending time on myself when I ‘should’ be working, looking after my son, planning the next article and fretting about not doing the housework.  So when The Kendal Courier Editor Dan asked if I’d like to try out have a couple of beauty treatments for my next assignment, I was round there before you could say ‘aromatherapy massage’ …

Bellissimo Nail & Beauty Salon, Kendal

Situated on Stramongate in the heart of Kendal, Bellissimo Beauty Studio owner Sue Nicholson immediately made me feel welcome, with a friendly smile and offer of tea or coffee.  (Unlike some places where you feel as you’re being assessed the minute you walk through the door.)  I loved the contemporary black and white decor and spacious  reception – calming with a hint of luxury.   After I had filled in a rather lengthy questionnaire on my current health and beauty regime (what?!) beauty therapist Fiona took me downstairs to the treatment room.

Bellissimo Therapy Room

There followed the most heavenly two hours of luxurious relaxation and rejuvenation I have had in a very long time.  Fiona explained the treatment I had booked – the Indulgent Beauty Package (£72).  First she was going to give me a head, shoulders and back massage and asked how I liked it – firm, medium or strong.  Medium/strong please.  Then she’d apply Aroma Boost facial using Eve Taylor products.  “I’ll start with a purifying wash using a special cleansing brush, then a deep cleanse followed by exfoliant, accompanied by arm and hand massage.  I’ll apply a soothing aromatic masque and whilst that’s taking effect I’ll give you a leg and foot massage.  Finally you’ll have a moisturiser to suit your skin type followed by a spritz of toner to seal all products onto the skin.” It all sounded good to me so I lay back and put myself in her very capable and soothing hands. 

Relax at BellissimoI really appreciated that she didn’t talk during the session so I could totally unwind with just background music as accompaniment.  The massage was extremely effective and managed to unravel some of the knots caused by spending too much time in front of the computer.  The delicious scents from the facial made me feel nice and relaxed; as you can see from the picture above I almost dozed off during it.  After that treatment I had a quick pedicure, choosing a vibrant shade of pillar box red nail varnish to celebrate the new me.

Fiona pedicure at Bellissimo Beauty Salon, Kendal

I floated out of Bellissimo Beauty Salon feeling totally refreshed, vowing not to leave it too long before I was ‘challenged’ like this again!

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