Holidays are a time to relax and unwind, a time to let the stresses and strains of everyday life fade away into the background as you enjoy a well-earned break. This isn’t always easy with the kids in tow, of course, and making sure they’re happy and looked after can take up a substantial amount of your own time and energy.  Having the children along for the ride doesn’t have to mean you compromise though, whether that’s quality time with your partner or the quality of your accommodation and surroundings.

Family fun in the snow - luxury holiday

If you’re looking for a  luxury family holiday, there  are more available than you might realise. They aim to give you the best of both worlds: valuable time with those you care most about and premium hotels and resorts into the mix. In fact, the more luxurious the trip, the more unforgettable the memories you can create together as a family.

Entertainment and activities

 At the centre of any family holiday are the entertainment and activities available for the kids. Get this right and both you and your children can have the time of your lives, but get it wrong and the frustration and tension could easily mount up. Fortunately, the kids can benefit as much from a luxury trip as you can.

Go sailing on a luxury family holiday

Whether you want to glide effortlessly down a snow-covered mountain, relax on a glorious white sandy beach or have a go at activities such as sailing or archery, there are plenty of options to choose from. A quality resort means quality surroundings – you’ll find that your children are so in awe of their new adventure playground that they won’t think to nag you for entertainment.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to relax and unwind together. Swimming and scuba diving in crystal clear waters, rides through the forest, taking in glorious panoramas and visiting historic locations are equally suitable for children and adults alike. While your focus may be a little more on rest and relaxation than will be that of your kids, there are plenty of opportunities for enjoying your time away together.

Resorts and locations

 With so many special resorts to choose from across the world, it would take a lifetime for you and your family to visit them all. With this in mind, you can be picky about where you’d like to go. Choose a location that truly appeals to you and is as far from your regular surroundings as possible. The first glimpse you get of your luxury resort will make all of the travelling and saving seem very much worth it.

Winter family snow fun on a luxury holiday

If you’re going to opt for a luxury family holiday, then you want the very best that money can buy. Consider a world-class ski location, such as the breathtaking fairytale backdrop of Chamonix, Mont-Blanc or the warm and friendly Tignes Val Claret in the French Alps. With so many wide open spaces and runs to tackle, your kids won’t grow easily bored, and the grown-ups can have just as much fun.

Alternatively you can swap the white snow for ivory-white sand. From the balmy beaches of the Mediterranean, to the sun-kissed shores of the Caribbean, there are plenty of idyllic spots for you to unwind in. You’ll find your children love these beach locations just as much as you: they take equally to dozing and sunbathing as they do to splashing around in the water and building gigantic sandcastles.

Family time

 Every family is different, and there are luxury holidays out there to suit each one. If you have a passion, find a destination to match: sports lovers, for example, could consider the outstanding elegance of La Plantation d’Albion in Mauritius, where you and your children can take advantage of the top-class tennis and golf facilities.

 Tennis lessons on a luxury family holiday

If you want to see a bit more of your surroundings, consider walking, hiking or mountain biking, along with any other activities that the children can get involved in. Take in the spell-binding scenery of Guilin in China, where magical caves and beautiful vistas await. Alternatively, there’s the picture-book appeal of Italy’s Pragelato Vialattea, which offers Alpine views, fresh mountain air and endless opportunities for adventure.  In each of these resorts, and many more like them, you’ll find charm, quality and gorgeous surroundings. And whether you want to head out to enjoy a meal or simply relax in your sumptuous accommodation, the quality family time can continue long after the activities have finished for the day.

Kids’ clubs

The quality of your holiday can stand or fall based on the quality of the kids’ clubs, so take time to choose a company that you can trust. Time spent together as a family is precious, but there may be times when you want to head your separate ways, both for your benefit and the benefit of your kids.

Food fun on a luxury holiday

Opting for a luxury family holiday ensures top-quality children’s care, as well as top-quality food and lodging. You can sit back in a spa or restaurant, safe in the knowledge that your kids are probably having an even better time than you are; with the activities and excursions included with many luxury holidays, children of all ages will return with plenty of memorable tales to tell.

Relaxing time on a luxury family holiday

Unforgettable memories

Choosing a luxury holiday that includes the whole family isn’t just possible – it’s the ultimate way to unwind and enjoy time away together. Once you’ve booked in at the best locations and hotels, everything else falls into place, from the broad range of activities on offer to the options for children to go off and do their own thing for a while. You can enjoy both your surroundings and special moments with your family at the same time.

Beach fun on a luxury family holiday

Treating yourself to a holiday that doesn’t compromise on quality is an ideal opportunity to rejuvenate, refresh and enjoy life. With a luxury family holiday, the children can benefit just as much as you. The money you invest in going away will be repaid many times over in the memories that all the family take home with them. So if you’re going somewhere extra special, make it an occasion for the whole family to cherish.

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