As long-haul travel becomes more popular, an increasing number of adventurous Brits are considering trips to exotic Far Eastern countries such as China. The country’s unfamiliar customs and culture are ideal for any traveller looking to get away from the pressures of the Western world and explore a new way of being.

Most travellers are likely to consider heading to China in the hotter months so they can explore the country in the sun. However, visitors who start their adventure when it’s the colder season are able to experience a totally different perspective of the country.  This is because the colder seasons in China gives the country a clearness and freshness – and it is less crowded thanks to there being fewer tourists.  China is a great destination regardless of age.

Sanqingshan National Park

If you are a fan of travelling off the beaten track, then it is a good idea to enjoy some of the nation’s lesser known wonders.  One example of stunning unspoiled beauty is Sanqingshan National Park, which is situated near the city of Shangrao in the Jiangxi province of China. Known for its overwhelming air of peace and tranquillity, the World Heritage Site is subject to seasonal mists, fogs and breath-taking sunsets. Granite pillars and outcrops are dotted in between natural springs and waterfalls.

The Silk Road

Another must-see for tourists is the Silk Road, with tours on offer to showcase the 2,000-year-old route which measures some 7,000km – over half of which is in China. Travellers trekking along the Silk Road will see many main attractions along the way including the famous Terracotta Warriors, China’s largest Reclining Buddah of Zhangye, Yellow River and Bingling Thousand Buddah Caves of Lanzhou.

Terracotta Warriors

Fans of scenery should not pass up on a visit to Guilin, which sits by the banks of the Li River. Famed for its stunning scenery, including mountains covered in greenery, unique rockeries, crystal clear water and mysterious caves, the area has a colourful cultural heritage, being home to a number of ethnic minorities.  So take time to get off China’s beaten track this winter and discover some quirky treasures.