Horses by lake in St Moritz, Switzerland - photo Zoe Dawes

Horses by St Moritz Lake Switzerland - zoedawes

These lovely horses were standing beside St Moritz Lake on a sunny day in March. They takes tourists in a carriage around the popular and very chic ski town in the heart of the Swiss Alps. I was staying in St Moritz at the end of a train journey across Switzerland with a group a couple of years ago. It was our last day and I had left our hotel to explore the area before we left. St Moritz Lake freezes over every year and they hold polo matches, horse races and even cricket tournaments on the ice during January, February and early March!

St Moritz Lake Switzerland - zoedawes

We were lucky to arrive in St Moritz on the luxury Glacier Express and be there for the colourful Chalandamarz Festival, a celebration of spring and to visit the famous Olympic Bobsleigh racetrack – great fun!

Horse sleigh St Moritz Switzerland - zoedawes