“The Lone Dingo seems to symbolise what so many of us are seeking when we head outdoors.  Isolation, intimacy with the environment, a simple existence, a better understanding of ourselves, the motivation behind so many of life’s journeys.”

The Lone Dingo - Alice Springs - Northern Territory, Australia

This beautifully simple mural was painted onto the side of a building on the main street in down-town Alice Springs, surely one of the most idiosyncratic and yes, quirky towns in Australia.  Evolved from the vast expanse of  unforgiving red earth that is the Northern Territory, Alice Springs has a unique ambiance that is both welcoming and slightly bonkers.

Built by the early pioneers who colonised Australia in the 19th century, it has an air of the wild west about it.  You suspect it has its own laws and answers to no-one.  With its many bars, cafes, restaurants and travel agents offering trips to the most iconic (yes, for once that word is justified) natural monuments on our planet – Uluru, the town buzzes with vitality and spirit. Bounded by the bumpily mountainous McDonnell Range, part of the challenging Larapinta Trail and home to the world-famous Flying Doctor service, it is proud of its place in Aussie legend.  Like many Australians I met on a brief trip to this compelling region, Alice Springs has a strong, vibrant personality, friendly and welcoming but with an unsuspected depth and sensitivity.  This image says it all …