The Masai tribe in Kenya are very famous; everyone has seen those iconic photos of the tall elegant Masai warrior standing majestically looking out across the plains of the Masai Mara.  They are indeed a most beguiling tribe as they're intelligent, charming and beautiful but it is the Samburu tribe who are often overlooked. In the 3rd of our Africa Safari posts, we take a  closer look at the Samburu people.

Saruni Samburu Kenya Africa

Saruni Samburu Africa

It was during a stay at the ultra luxurious Saruni Samburu that I really fell in love with them. The Masai can be quite arrogant and vain, not the Samburu – they have a fantastic sense of fun and are always laughing and smiling. This really shows in the atmosphere of any lodge where the Samburu work, since they will always inject a huge amount of fun and joy into any situation.

Samburu Lodge Kenya Africa

Saruni Samburu Lodge

Like the Masai, they also have an in depth knowledge of the bush and are passionate about the wildlife you are viewing – they have hawk eyes and will spot things that you cannot even see. Their wonderful multi coloured shukas and bright beads are incredibly eye catching, and unlike the Masai they also include brightly coloured feathers in many of their head pieces. They too are tall and elegant and make the most beautiful photographic subjects.

Saruni Samburu Tribe Kenya

Saruni Samburu – photo Ol Malo

They are efficient as staff and will know your name before you’ve even arrived at Saruni Samburu, making you feel very at home. You will want to give them big tips, such is their charm and charisma. They will also delight in showing you their home if you choose to visit a village. The Samburu are nomadic and are spread far and wide in Northern Kenya – their riches are based on the number of cattle each man owns and even when paid well by a lodge they prefer the currency of cattle.

Samburu and camels Kenya Africa- photo Ol Malo

Samburu and camels – photo Ol Malo

Often when booking a Kenya trip, people are obsessed with the safari and what wildlife they will see.  Of course this is a major factor, but guests do not realize just how much the local people will enhance and make your trip.  They add colour and humour to every day in the bush and you will come home with fond memories of shared laughs and all you have learnt from their expert knowledge of the bush.

Samburu girls in Kenya - photo Ol Malo

Samburu girls – photo Ol Malo

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