As Asia’s most haunted country, Singapore provides a fascinating and unique basis for your travels. It’s also got an incredible airport, an exciting 24-hour party district and Singapore hostels are some of the most innovative and exciting in the world. So let’s take a look at the coolest places to visit in the city.

Changi Airport

Aerial View of Changi Airport Singapore - photo Pulkitsangal

Aerial View of Changi Airport – photo Pulkitsangal

One of the quirkiest places in Singapore is Changi Airport. It regularly tops best airport polls and the list of cool features is incredible – create your own track in the Jam Studio, play with the cutting edge technology in the 3D Xperience Zone, go on the 12m high slide in the playground (if you’re a kid), snooze in chairs with built-in vibrator alarms, walk the butterfly gardens, koi-filled ponds, swimming pools, Jacuzzis, fragrant gardens and more.

The Chinatown Heritage Centre

Singapore China Town - Buddhist Temple

There’s a free 45-minute shuttle bus into the city centre where you’ll find The Chinatown Heritage Centre. Three meticulously restored shophouses reveal what life, and the home, was like in the 19th century. You’ll find out about the seedy, underground practices of gambling dens and secret societies as people risked their lives to make Singapore what it is today.


This is the place for party people. The 24-hour district is the place to be for late-night bites and people-watching. There are also plenty of places to shoot pool and down some cocktails at China One in Clarke Quay. Once upon a time it would’ve been Bugis that everyone headed to for some drunken debauchery but the restaurants and street food in Geylang have ensured its rise to the top of the must-see Singapore districts.

Changi Beach

Changi Beach

Beautiful by day but more than slightly spooky by night, Changi Beach has two faces. The 3km sandy stretch is a popular family picnic spot, fishing area and seahorse monitoring spot. But there are also many reports of headless bodies sunbathing, heads floating mid air and ghostly bloody executions. It’s where Chinese people were executed during the Japanese occupation and many believe these ghosts live on.

St John Island

With deserted buildings, odd noises, unidentified shouts and ghostly figures cruising the forests St John Island is another super-spooky area of Singapore. If you’re of a nervous disposition keep away from the old hospitals and cemeteries!

St John Island

The Clinic

No, it’s not a medical clinic, but a uniquely themed restaurant based on hospitals. You can enjoy drinks like ‘Sex on a Drip’ served in a room decked out like an operating theatre. Enjoy the warm evening air on the terrace from the comfort of your wheelchair while you rest your drink on the operating table. At The Clinic you’ll be served by waitresses in nurse uniforms and take your drinks from a test tube.


If you want your accommodation hassle-free the River City Inn is an excellent choice. They have an airport shuttle that will bring you to the door. When you’re there there’s a free breakfast, air-conditioning and you’ll be just a 5-minute walk from the metro.

Singapore River skyline

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