In the latest article in our Africa Safari series, we find out more about Tanzania, one of the few places in Africa where you can still find huge areas of pristine wilderness, unexplored by man.  Here is our guest specialist Luxury Safari Company’s Top Five luxury Tanzania safari camps:

Elephants and other wildlife in Tanzaznia - photo

Elephants and other wildlife in Tanzania – photo

Some of these areas have one luxury camp in them, some of them have to explored by mobile safari or on foot. This is why Tanzania is so popular; it's just incredible. The camps and lodges here tend to be understated but extremely comfortable with excellent food and wine throughout. The guides here are charming and friendly and always make your safari perfect.

1          Lamai Nomad

Lamai Nomad Lodge Tanzania

Lamai Nomad Lodge

This lodge is built into the rocks and made out of wholly natural materials. It is relaxing and tranquil and the soft furnishings are subtle and not over the top. The rooms are fantastic with views all the way to Kenya. There is always wildlife around camp and the area is great for big cat viewing all year round.

2          Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

 Ngorongoro Crater Lodge - stay with Luxury Safari Company in Tazania

Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

This iconic lodge sits on the rim of the famous Ngorongoro Crater and is luxuriously opulent. Every furnishing is silk or taffeta and there is not a wall which is not adorned with some grand piece. It is very spoiling and the views are to die for.

3          Sand Rivers Selous

Sand Rivers Selous - stay with the Luxur Safari Company in Tanzania

Sand Rivers Selous

Sand Rivers is also very famous and is understated and natural.  The lodge's main area really feels like home somehow and you sense this as soon as you arrive, not least because of the heavenly sofas into which you can sink and watch the hippos play in the river below. This lodge is truly magical.

4          Sabora Tented Camp

Sabora Tented Camp - stay with the Luxur Safari Company in Tanzania

Sabora Tented Camp

This Singita property is furnished wholly with antique campaign furniture actually used by Africa's first great explorers and is extremely comfortable. The camp itself was plonked in the middle of the short grass plains in the Western Serengeti and as a result the game viewing here is magical.

5          Greystoke Mahale

Greystoke Mahale Lodge - stay with The luxury Travel Company in Tanzania

Greystoke Mahale in Western Tanzania is famous for being the only place you can track chimpanzees. There is nowhere in Africa more remote than this and the feeling of being in the wilderness is completely unrivalled. The lodge is really comfortable but the real luxury here is without doubt the location.

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