Business blog blogging strategy - data HubspotGoogle the word ‘blogging’ and today there are over 60 million results [2017 update 138 m] – so, what does that tell you? Well, probably not a lot more than you already know – blogging is out there and there’s a vast amount of stuff being written about it.  Note my use of the word ‘stuff’; I’ll come back to it later.  Now, assuming you are reading this because you are interested, and not just because you have stumbled across the page by accident, you might want to know WHY you should blog and what it’s all about.  Well, this is a short ‘post’ (blog-speak for article) so all I’m going to do is share a few reasons to begin blogging – at least give it a go …

Before we start, in case, in case you didn’t know, BLOG is short for WEB LOG = diary/journal

1.  Everybody’s talking about it, so you’ll be in the zeitgeist
2.  It’s easy – you’re reading this you already have the skills to get started
3.  You can be a blogger with absolutely no training or qualifications whatsoever
4.  Being ‘real’ and using everyday language is OK (see ‘stuff) because it’s your writing
5.  Connecting with others is easy with a blog – people can comment and interact with you
6.  It’s really neat way to market/sell/promote your ideas, services, products etc
7.  You MIGHT be able to make a bit of money directly from your blog
8.  Creativity can take many forms – writing, video, photos, podcasts all have their place in blogs
9.  Blogs can be any length and done anytime – your choice
10. People may actually read what you write – and how good is that?!

If you want to start blogging a couple of sites to try for free are WordPress (my favourite) and Blogger.  There are loads of easy tutorials out there and plenty of help to be had – just ask or search on-line.  Social media is a great medium to help get you some readers – Face Book, Twitter, LinkedIn etc – they all have tools to support blogs.

So, whether you want to start blogging to promote your business, share your hobby or interest with like-minded others or simply try something new, give it go – it’s fun!

Rough-Guide-Book-Blogging-Workshop by Zoe Dawes

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