Boxed Compass

“Life is a journey” is seen as a cliché these days yet, as with many clichés it has a resonance to which we can all relate.  The compass is a tangible symbol for the adventure that is life and the different paths and directions we take along the way.  As someone who has followed her heart in most ways, loves to travel in mind, body and soul and believes in the journey as much, if not more than the destination, the compass perfectly embodies that spirit.

Boxed compass - photo zoedawes

This particular compass was given to me by my oldest brother Graeme for my birthday so it has a strong family connection too.  Many years ago I started a business called Chartwell Coaching; the name Chartwell was chosen as it had a link to sailing charts, as well as being Winston Churchill’s home (my birthday is the same as his was!) so the compass was incorporated to represent how to help people chart their lives. Since then, it has morphed into the logo for The Quirky Traveller and I now have a collection of compasses of all shapes and sizes.

The poem ‘A Heart is like a Compass’ by James T Adair resonates as it refers to our True North; as a Life Coach I help people align with their True North ie their values, dreams and authentic self. This poem sings to me because of its links to feelings and the heart.

A Heart is Like a Compass

A heart does not understand boundaries
A heart is like a compass
It only knows what it feels
and points that way

A compass needle knows only to point to true North
A heart only points in a direction it feels True
My heart only points, without shame, to you
The same, no matter where I turn, or what I do

Loving you seems the only thing to do

By James T Adair

Boxed-compass - zoedawes

I hope that you have your compass aligned with your True North and that it helps you navigate through these challenging times.