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A Taste of Greece with the REAL Mamma Mia

The Quirky Traveller - A Taste of Greece with the Real Mamma Mia

Telling tales of my rackety life living in Athens in the 1980s. I gave up my job, my boyfirend and my house to work in Greece as an English Teacher. There I discovered enduring friendship, had some amorous adventures and lived the life of the REAL Mamma Mia.

My Quirky Travel Food Odyssey

From Hong Kong to Ecuador, via Canada, Sweden, Spain and many more places, join me on a quirky journey of food and drink around the world. I share stories of most memorable meals, delightful dishes, disgusting food and creative cocktails in some unusual and some familiar places.

The Quirky Traveller

Popular Talks & Presentations include:

  • The Quirky Traveller Tale: the roller-coaster life-journey from unfilled teacher to adventurous travel writer
  • A Taste of Greece with The Real Mama Mia: my rackety life and loves in 1980s Athens
  • A Quirky Food Odyssey around the World: personal stories of culinary exploration at home and abraod
  • Sweet & Sour in Hong Kong: the ups and downs of an expat life
  • I left my brolly in Sarawak: my quirky travels in Asia from Nepal to Borneo via Thailand and beyond
  • Top 10 Travel Experiences around the Globe: favourite experiences from gorillas in Africa to swimming with sea lions in Galapagos
  • Travels in Mind, Body and Spirit: special places that evoke extraordinary FEELINGS for all the senses

As my alter ego The Quirky Coach I also offer talks on fulfilling potential, tarot and spiritual development

  • It’s Never Too Late: top tips for making the most of life in your 60s
  • Demystifying the Tarot: discover the fascinating story of tarot and how these wonderful cards can be used for guidance and support
  • Find Your Spark & Develop Your Intuition: explore how to use your intuition to live a more positive, spiritual and fulfilling life

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