Welcome to my world ...Zoe & Wheel small

 … a quirky place that I hope will provide inspiration, enjoyment and interesting insights.  Having spent many years living and working abroad – and with Venetian, French and Spanish ancestors, it’s maybe not As the Quirky Traveller, I’ll be sharing some of my adventures, suggestions for quirky places to stay and visit, plus recommendations for great resources that will make your own journeys even more enjoyable.  I live and work in the NW of England, close to one of the most beautiful places on earth – The Lake District, Cumbria.  So it will come as no surprise that I will often write about life here, as it has a never-ending appeal.

However, there are so very many wonderful destinations to explore and if I can inspire you to try somewhere different, see a place from a new perspective or simply appreciate what’s on your own back doorstep -then it’s all worthwhile!QTweb1

Do tell me about your quirky travels and if you have a favourite website, book or – whatever – let me know!