Cruises are a wonderful way to explore a variety of different places at home and abroad.  You can really get away from it all and many argue they are an economical style of travelling.  With so many different cruises to suit all tastes and budgets, it is easy to find one that will suit you and your needs.  You can find all sorts of excellent cruises to suit all budgets offering luxurious destinations and very comfortable accommodation.  On-board entertainment tends to be excellent and many of your costs are covered once you step foot on deck, reducing that holiday worry about how much you are spending.

Cruise destination Santorini - photo by Marcel Germain

Cruise destination Santorini – photo by Marcel Germain

Many associate a cruise with a trip round the Mediterranean, but there are lots of cruises that focus on special interests and cater for niche requirements.

For example, for those who are lured by the ocean's depths may want to consider a diving cruise.  When you examine the different types of diving cruise holidays on offer, ensure you consider the following factor; is the cruise in control of the dive expeditions?  If they are, then it is likely to be a better more informed vacation than those who outsource to local dive companies in the areas where you are travelling.

Underwater Diving - by dMap Travel Guide

Underwater Diving – by dMap Travel Guide

The choice of where to go is extensive and exciting, the east and west Caribbean offer some awe inspiring dive spots, the coral reefs surrounding Cozumel in the Western Caribbean are stunning and this is also a popular spot for snorkelling fans as you can easily get to Chankanaab Park and see some incredible sea life.

For those who prefer to watch the animals in the water rather than swim with them a cruise to the shores of Norway offers incredible opportunities to get up close and personal with some of the oceans most famous beasts.  Whilst sailing through the Arctic in luxury, you can see stunning humpback whales, giant sperms whales, porpoises and seals.  These scenes provide wonderful opportunites for photography enthusiasts.  Plus, if you change your mind about staying out of the ocean, some cruise lines offer an opportunity to dive in and snorkel alongside these magnificent creatures.

Sperm Whale - photo by Aina S

Sperm Whale – photo by Aina S

Specialist cruises are not always restricted to the destination – some cruises offer on board specialist interest treats.  If you are a fan of flamenco dancing the odds are you can find a cruise that celebrates this and incorporates it into your trip.  Niche food and drink cruises offer a chance to take a holiday that allows you to really treat your taste buds as you sail around memorable lands renowned for their exquisite cuisine.  You may decide to join an on-board cookery class to try and improve your own kitchen skills.  It is a unique way to take a part of the holiday home with you.

100 ships cake - Cunard

100 ships cake

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