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“We’d like to work with local bloggers but I’m not sure how to find them.” “I don’t know if we’d get value from our local bloggers” “I’d prefer to work with a blogger from London/America/Mars – anywhere other than someone I know …” OK, I’m paraphrasing that last one but these are some of the statements that bloggers hear a lot. It’s not just in the Tourism Industry that this applies but across the board, from fashion, to food, life-style, family etc. However, things are changing rapidly …

Social Travel Britain - Bristol

At the Social Travel Britain Conference 2016, I was asked to give a talk on working with local bloggers and tips to the audience of Tourism Industry and fellow bloggers, or ‘Digital Influencers‘ as we are apparently called now. Having spent many years living and working in the North West, I’ve built up a strong network of clients and contacts. In the presentation I shared Case Studies from 3 clients in Cumbria; the Good Life Cottage Company, Kendal Festival of Food and an Arts initiative, Lakes Culture. All of these involved at least one blog post plus social media sharing and have been paid campaigns, part of the client’s overall marketing strategy.

Working with a local travel blogger - zoedawes

I also shared some top tips on how to collaborate more closely with local bloggers, which can apply to all types of ‘influencers’ from whatever sector.

Top Tips for working with Local Bloggers

1.  Identify the specific niche/area you want to focus on

2.  Plan ahead to include bloggers/digital specialists in projects

3.  Find out who your local bloggers are

4.  Research the bloggers to ensure they meet YOUR needs

5.  Select bloggers appropriate to sector, demographic, interest

6.  Budget appropriately for a blog trip or blogger involvement

7.  Be clear (and realistic) about what you want from the blogger

8.  Agree content/output/timelines and manage expectations

9.  Promote content created by bloggers via ALL media

10. Focus on long-term relationship-building

View the Slideshare presention ‘Going Local: working with the Travel Blogger on your doorstep’ . If you’ve any questions do get in touch here.