Home of spices, cocoa, rum and a taste of Creole, Saint Lucia has an infusion of flavours to tempt any palate. The small island packs in a punch into its cuisine as well as entertaining food celebrations including the Friday night Jump Up street party and the Anse La Raye Fish Fry.

We've picked out our top reasons why Saint Lucia is THE Caribbean island for you if you're a foodie fan!

1.  Saint Lucia is a chocolate lover’s paradise.

Boucan Hotel Chocolat restaurant food St Lucia

Tempt tastebuds at Boucan by Hotel Chocolat

Cocoa plantations are scattered across the island and a handful of resorts offer a mouth-watering Tree-to-Bar experience. The much-loved Hotel Chocolat has actually set up camp amongst the cocoa groves of Saint Lucia and Boucan, by Hotel Chocolat is one of the resorts with the Tree-to-Bar experience. Involving the careful selection of ripe cocoa pods, the experience allows guests to roast the cocoa themselves to create their very own velvety chocolate bar. Saint Lucia even holds its own Chocolate Heritage Month in August celebrating all things cocoa-centric.

Cocoa pods - Boucan Hotel Chocolat St Lucia

Cocoa pods – Boucan Hotel Chocolat St Lucia

2.  Saint Lucia food embraces Caribbean, West African, French, British and West Indian influences

Taste a world of flavours with Saint Lucia food

Taste a world of flavours on Saint Lucia

What makes these flavours really unique is the natural sourcing through sustainable agriculture. The island's fertile soil and clean waters make delicious ingredient sources as recipes include home-grown fruits, spices and fish to name a few. Learning about the wide spectrum of locally-sourced foods has never been easier as nature trails such as Tet Paul, based in the farming community of Chateau Belair, offers not only spectacular views of the island, but a tour guide will explain the nutritious and medicinal purposes of tens of exotic fruit trees. Head to Castries Market where natural spices and flavours surround visitors. The Rum Distillery also offers a sneak peek into the makings of the Saint Lucian delight, offering the chance to see the procedure from the fermentation to tasting.

3.  Saint Lucia knows how to host a foodie party!

Fish Friday on St Lucia

Fish Friday on St Lucia

The Jump Up street party is held every Friday in Gros Islet for locals and visitors. Music blares through speakers which frame the street, weaved between food stalls, bars and dancing crowds. The carnival-vibe party celebrates local cuisine amongst other cultural ambiances. Barbecued meats, fried bread and local street foods fill the street with enticing aromas. The Anse La Raye Fish Fry offers another celebratory environment, based in one of Saint Lucia's fishing villages. Fresh seafood is available in an authentic environment where you can even spot local fishermen bringing back their catches of the day.

4. Saint Lucia has an array of fine dining options

Delicious food at Ladera Resort Dasheene Restaurant St Lucia

Delicious food and beautiful setting at Ladera Resort Dasheene Restaurant

Stunning resorts such as Ladera indulge their guests with their Dasheen restaurant which offers a taste of luxury. The fine dining is diverse across the island including family-owned authentic restaurants such as Coal Pot, The Edge (Bobo Bergstrom's innovative cuisine), and flavour-bursting delights such as Orlando's, which is ran by top chef, Orlando Satchell. Private dining is also available at a large number of hotels which can include a romantic beach meal or even in the midst of a tropical setting, surrounded by flora and fauna.

Ladera Resort - Dasheene Restaurant - St Lucia

St Lucia sunset from Dasheene Restaurant

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