In this month's article by The Luxury Safari Company we are taken to the sub-Saharan country of Namibia to experience faraway safari holidays for those who relish tranquility and stark beauty.

Wolwedans Namibia Africa

Wolwedans – Namibia

Namibia remains one of the most remote and off the beaten track luxury safari destinations in Africa – some of their luxury camps and lodges are quite magical due to their remote locations, which seem to have the whole of Africa stretched out before them. Namibia is relaxed and informal and these lodges and camps always offer a freedom to explore which is unrivalled anywhere else. Here we discuss Namibia's top five most remote luxury safari camps and lodges (which must also be noted as some of the most remote camps in all of Africa, not just Namibia).

1          Serra Cafema

Serra Cafema Safari camp Namibia, Africa

Serra Cafema Namibia

Serra Cafema is one of the most famous luxury Namibia safari holiday destinations and we're not surprised… it actually doesn't get more remote than this (apart from no.2!). Serra Cafema is on the banks of the Kunene River in the far North of the Hartmann Valley. The camp is made solely of natural materials and nestles cosily into a grove of Albida trees. Everything blends together perfectly and you feel very much at the ends of the earth. The rushing rapids of the Kunene River just below camp really lull you into relaxation and the magic of this place cannot fail to beguile you. Here you can also meet the fascinating Himba people, one of Africa's most ancient traditional tribes. You can also quad bike and take boat trips through this lunar-like landscape.

2          Okahirongo River Lodge

Okahirongo Safari Camp Namibia, Africa

Okahirongo Safari Camp

This lodge is just as remote as Serra Cafema if not more so – it is tucked into the Marienfluss region with the famous Marienfluss valley on your doorstep, and the mountains which border it making for the most dramatic and enchanting scenery, no matter which way you look. This landscape is one of huge mystery and romance and this feeling is completely infectious. The Himba people are a huge highlight here too and the vast suites of Okahirongo River Lodge with their open views only go on to add to the romance of this place.

3          Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

Hoanib Namibia, Africa


This newly opened camp is in the famous Hoanib area of the Skeleton Coast, which has many desert adapted wildlife species – all of which are fascinating, and if you're lucky days will be spent tracking and watching desert elephant and lion. The scenery here is stunning as the camp is located in a vast valley at the confluence of the two tributaries of the Hoanib River. It is one of the most remote areas of the Kaokaveld. Game drives, bush walks and scenic flight are all highlights.


4          Canyon Lodge, Fish River Canyon

Canyon Lodge Namibia Africa

Canyon Lodge Namibia

In the far South of Namibia you will find the Fish River Canyon, second only in scenery and size to the Grand Canyon. It is as remote as it gets and the lodge itself is set in such a dramatic area that it will take your breath away. Here you are far from the madding crowd and walking or riding amongst the chasms and cataclysms formed by sparkling streams is a must. Everyhting about this lodge is beautiful and the homely and welcoming atmosphere will mean you never want to leave. The swimming pool has to be one of the most surreal in all of Africa, as it seems to have been hewn out of the rocks.

5          Wolwedans

Wolwedans Namibia Africa

Wolwedans Namibia

Last but not least, a mention has to go to Wolwedansh. Tis private conservancy is so remote that it has been named a Dark Sky Reserve due to the exceptional star gazing opportunities in the area. The conservancy is the NamibRand Nature Reserve and there are several different luxury safari camps and lodges to suit every client. The amazing dunes offer the perfect back drop for exploring this slice of desert. There are so many fascinating details about this area from archeological sites, to desert species and mysterious fairy circles.

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