Thanks to the current economical climate, more and more people are finding ways to enjoy cheap holidays in the UK. With over 240,000 square miles of magnificent scenery, there's little wonder why. Of course, a holiday can be made just that little bit extra special if it saves you money without having to pinch the towels and dressing gown from your hotel room.

Hotel towels

Go via coach.

Not only does going on a coach holiday save you money, but it can also save you time and effort. Naturally, some people find going on an airplane quite luxurious but at the moment, aeroplane companies are far more bothered about bums on seats rather than customer service! Due to the demand and competition in the coach tour industry, companies are having to make a greater effort to ensure their customers enjoy themselves and choose their business over their competitors. Coach tours can can not only save you money, but also vastly improve the quality of your holiday.

Coach trip

Visit Free Attractions.

Throughout the United Kingdom, and London especially, you will find a whole variety of exciting and interesting attractions that you can visit absolutely free of charge. The Tate Modern Art Gallery, for example, is totally free and is the most visited art gallery in the world, with well over four million visitors every year. Be careful though; they make up for the free entry with some powerfully expensive sandwiches, maybe take a packed lunch.

Take a few of you.

Weekend holiday excursions can be a brilliant time to go on holiday with your friends. Of course, the more of you there is, the cheaper the price of your holiday will be. Quite often you will be able to find hotels which can cater for up to five people per room. If you can bear the queue for the bathroom in the morning and potential snoring-based sleep deprivation, then sharing your expenses is a brilliant and convenient way of saving those pennies for the pub!

Lion & Snake pub, Lincoln

Check out online forums.

Saving money is great, but if you get to your hotel and find it somewhat not quite as you expected (see The Inbetweeners Movie!), you might be more than a little miffed. Searching the internet for reviews and opinions is a great way of finding out what your hotel will be like and what you can expect when you get there, ensuring that you won't end up on Holidays From Hell. Of course, once you've been you can also inform other people of the delights or pitfalls of your holidaying experience. Although quite often, in contrast to popular opinion, hotels do actually monitor their reviews and will quite often make amends to their services once that they have been critiqued; it is always best to leave a note for them, whether happy or sad. Beware of hotel managers who respond to critical messages by blowing their top and savaging the poor reviewer, they're probably not going to be masters of customer service.

Manage when you book.

Booking a few months before your holiday is a great way to save you money. Not only will you find all the best offers (with the luxury of being able to browse around), but most holiday companies have quotas that they have to fill to ensure that all their seats are filled and therefore lower their prices. On the other hand, booking late can also save you money and the later that you do it, the more money you will save as you shall be filling the last few spaces!

Steal the soap from the bathroom  A timeless classic 😉

Hotel soap

Well, maybe you don’t want to be called a thief but hopefully this has triggered some ideas for making the most of a budget holiday. Travel quirkily!