Walk n Talk

 Walk n Talk with The Quirky Coach

Walk n Talk Coaching - photo Victoria Sedgwick

Walk n Talk Coaching – photo VictoriaSedgwick.com

What is Walk n Talk Coaching?

Got a problem? Come for a walk. Have a talk. Find a solution.

Walk n Talk Coaching gives you TIME to talk through a problem, issue, situation, whilst walking outside in the fresh air. Walking is good for your health; being outdoors helps you clear your mind, reflect, think differently, gives you clarity and boosts creativity. Researchers at Stanford University found that the creative output of people increases by an average of 60% when they are walking.

  • Benefits include
    • More time to reflect on what really matters for business
    • Improved leadership performance
    • Improved ability to achieve business targets and goals
    • Increased commitment and focused professional development
    • More creativity at work and in personal life
    • Improved team-working and resilience in the work-place
    • Enhanced problem-solving skills and ability to identify solutions
    • Better physical and mental health

Walk n Talk Options

Walk n Talk Coaching - photo Victoria Sedgwick

Photo – VictoriaSedgwick.com

1. Individual #WalknTalk coaching session walking from your office, home, a town, park, up a hillside or beside a lake will help you get clarity, focus and options for the future. Ideal for individuals who have a specific issue that can be solved within a short period of time.

2.  A series of 3 or more coaching sessions including #WalknTalk as above, phone, Skype or face to face meetings and email support. Ideal for business owners, MDs, senior managers, team leaders

3. Team-building days or half-days including #WalknTalk group or 1-1 coaching. Idea for SMEs and larger businesses to foster more productive working relations

3.  A social #WalknTalk to enjoy being outdoors and having company to chat about whatever you want. From one hour to whole day outings. ideal for anyone who wants to get out and meet other people whilst getting a bit of gentle exercise.

Walking is man's best medicine - Hippocrates Photo: Nk'Mip Desert Centre, Osoyoos Canada

Walk n Talk – Testimonials

“The use of the ‘walk n talk’ scenario meant I was more relaxed and able to expand my thinking, than when sitting face to face in an office. The walking helped my thoughts to flow and the open air and views helped me to take on board new perspectives with regard to the coaching topic. Zoe was able to expand a topic and conversation, to enable me to see a bigger picture, and therefore come to very different conclusions to those that I had restricted myself to see.”

Claire Longney, Director Acorn Coaching

Graham Heath overlooking Morecambe Bay Walk n Talk

Graham Heath overlooking Morecambe Bay

“Going for a walk enabled me to think more clearly about a serious business issue that had seemed quite complex. Zoe helped me to look at the situation from a different angle and I found a solution where I hadn’t been able to see one before. And it’s great to get out of the office and get some fresh air!”

Graham Heath, MD Northern Shire

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