Vintage shops in Berlin

Hipsters are flocking to Berlin in droves these days so it’s no wonder second-hand and vintage shops seem to be popping up everywhere. From the worn furniture in the trendy Weserstrasse bars to the grungy outfits proudly paraded through the streets of Kreuzberg, the German capital has certainly embraced a lightly used aesthetic. The best way to fit in, while on holiday is to dress the part, so check out some of the top vintage shops in Berlin.


Rag & Bone Man

Located on a quiet street just off of the busy Karl-Marx-Strasse, Rag & Bone Man is a lovely example of the newest in Berlin hipster trends – the coffee shop cum second-hand store. Spend the afternoon carefully looking through their newest offerings while enjoying a delicious sweet treat and a nice coffee.


Garage - weighing machine

With a unique approach to pricing, Kreuzberg’s Garage is definitely well worth a visit. Rather than charging per garment, this cool shop has elected to allot a cost/kilo. While often a great deal of rummaging may be required, this spot is loaded with cool quirky finds.


Humana Berlin

A chain of second-hand shops spread sporadically throughout the city, Humana has bins all over the city collecting cast-offs. Expect to do some digging before stumbling upon any treasures but it’s usually worth the effort as items here tend to be a little cheaper than most of the other vintage shops in Berlin. The locations on Frankfurter Allee and Karl-Marx-Strasse are particularly worth visiting.

Made in Berlin

One of the most popular and well-established second-hand shops in Berlin, Mitte’s Made in Berlin boasts an impressive selection of vintage clothing from high-end designer brands to the quirky no-name knitted jumpers.


Sewing machine

A tiny independent boutique just below Weserstrasse in Neukoelln, Shio is owned by an amazing seamstress who collects beautiful items and carefully tailors them, giving them a somewhat modern edge. Expect to find some gorgeous clothing here and if anything you doesn’t fit you quite right, the owner promises to tailor it to you. What more could you possibly ask from a second-hand boutique?

Sing Blackbird

Located in the heart of the trendy Kreuzkoelln area, Sing Blackbird is another delightful coffee shop/vintage boutique. A bit on the pricier side, it’s always loaded with beautiful vintage designer clothing, jewellery and accessories. Not satisfied simply sticking to sales however, the lovely owners also organise a monthly flea market, film screenings as well as concerts.

Canadian Madeline Sinclair wrote this post for GoEuro and lives in Berlin.  When she isn’t busy writing she is scouring the city for the best deals on vintage clothes.